BBMM - Sink & Drink 3 vs. 3

This is an internal Cup of one player teams. Maximum Tier, VII .
The rounds will be best out of three on pre selected maps for round 1 and 2 and random maps for the final.

Round 1 - (Capture/Assault) - Date/Time TBD
1 - Mittengard
2 - Siegfried Line
3 - Province

the winner will progress to the next round

Round 2 - (Assault) - Date/Time TBD
1 - Mittengard
2 - Mines
3 - Siegfried Line

Final - (Assualt) - Date/Time TBD
1 - Mittengard or Random
2 - Mines or Random
3 - Siegfried Line or Random

- games will last 10min
- if no winner within the 10min the victory will be given to the player who has caused the most damage
- if no damage or damage done is the same, the match will go to sudden death to take place in the himmelsdorf square
- players must be on TS during their game
- if a player does not turn up for a scheduled match then they forfeit
- a date will be arranged for the completion of the first round once i have 8 players confirmed (it will be first come first in)
- a player may use any vehicle of tier 7 or below
- any type of Tier 7 but each game will have a referee and you must declare to him what tank you are using before you enter the training room, this will stop people changing their minds when they see their opponents tank
- 500 gold will be awarded to the winner!